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Stylized LowPoly Golem Pack

Do you want to bring your rugged, low-poly environments to life? Try throwing in a few rock golems! This package will accomplish that with a modular golem model that can provide thousands of possible configurations! 192 prefabs have already been set up for your use, and creating new ones is fast and easy! 8 body materials, 8 armor materials, and 5 emissive eye materials are included, but they are all based on two high-resolution textures. So, creating new materials for your golem is as easy as changing the “Albedo” color and adjusting the “Metallic” and “Smoothness” properties, providing almost unlimited configuration possibilities! This package also includes a sword, hammer, pick, and shield models that are either attached to the forearms or held in the hands in a more traditional manner. Wondering about animations? This package is fully Mecanim compatible, allowing you to retarget most of your other bipedal animations to it! Please note that no animations are included in this package, however, they can be easily acquired through the Unity Asset Store!

Polygons: 1,542 – 3,422 (depending on configuration)
Texture Resolution: 4096×4096