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Stylized Clouds Pack

Clean Dynamic Clouds for Every Sky
This pack includes 20 cloud meshes and a custom cloud shader to quickly change the look and feel of your assets.
All clouds have AO and thickness baked in the vertex colours. The shader features ‘Fuzzy shading’, object space gradient and 3D Simplex noise vertex offset.

– 20 meshes
– 1 shadergraph shader, 6 subgraphs, 2 custom shader functions
– 20 prefabs
– 5 material presets
– The clouds are between 1786 and 6903 triangles
– For a total of 70094 triangles over 20 meshes and an avarage of 3505 per cloud mesh.

No aditional software is required for this assets pack to function.
The packages is made with the Universal RP and Shadergraph are required for the shader to function.
There is no special technical requirement for this package.

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