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Stylised PBR 3D Forest Pack

This PBR package contains everything you need, from stylised tress to branches, vegetation, plants, mushrooms and rocks, ready for you to create a beautiful forest environment. Just drag and drop the variety of prefabs and get things going.

Birch Trees : 18
Oak Trees : 17
Pine Trees : 4
Trunks : 10
Stumps : 4
Branches : 6
Bushes : 2
Logs : 2
Rocks : 5
Mushrooms : 5
Plants : 2

The meshes triangle count varies between 84 and 3760.

The pack is highly optimized containing 3 atlases. (Birch , Oak, Pine) All Prefabs optimized to have as low poly as possible without losing the quality and style. Every prefab pivot is at the center bottom of the model, so you can easily drop it on the ground, scale and rotate.

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