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Street Racing Engine

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Street Racing Engine is powerful Unity tool created especially for developers. With this awesomely crafted asset, you’ll be able to produce huge cities inside one or two hours. Real traffic system responds to traffic lights, player, alternative cars and drives arbitrarily through the town. ten completely different sports cars with over one hundred different body components and colours! produce new racing tracks and conquer together with your friend in 2 player mode! With this plus, you can get totally setup documentation!

Update 4.0
+ Improved mobile version!
+ three new camera positions!
+ huge vehicle traffic optimization!
+ larger traffic takes less hardware usage!

Mobile Version:
Fully optimized version for mobile devices. plus contains three completely different controllers (arrow, stick and tilt controls). It’s doable to regulate every a part of the plus which may be optimized to induce the simplest quality and performance. together with documentations a way to set up a mobile version.

Vehicle Driving System:
Racing vehicle interacts with traffic cars, sidewalks, and alternative objects. Interactive garage and residential system. The dynamic camera provides higher look once driving a vehicle. Integrated nitro system. completely different body components provide different automobile stats – higher speed, higher steering, larger nitro capability. several interactive roads. Minimap that shows the position of the player. Realistic traffic system moves with player Associate in Nursingd stops if someone crashes or there’s an obstacle ahead of the automobile.

Street Racing Engine Realistic Traffic:
Vehicle traffic system. Traffic responds to alternative automobiles Associate in Nursingd stops if there’s an obstacle ahead of the car. every vehicle reached intersection can select completely different path arbitrarily. Cars react to traffic lights at crossroads and follow manus rule. Stops at the train barrier once the train is crossing the location. All traffic cars have integrated completely different particle systems, fume emission and lights. Engine sounds depends on whether or not the automobile is moving or is stationary.

Tons of completely different models:
Different buildings can assist you to form stunning cities with varied models. every road has an integrated traffic system. every automobile responds to road path. completely different usage of roads which may be simply foreign to the scene. plenty of various nature models which may be connected to every alternative.