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Strata Easy 2D Level Generator

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Strata is simple to utilize procedural toolbox for producing 2D levels utilizing a mix of hand-wrote and haphazardly created content. It works in the Unity editorial manager, or at runtime without extra programming. Strata work with Unity’s local 2D Tilemap apparatuses permitting you to hand-creator bits of levels and mastermind and consolidate those pieces in intriguing manners.

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– Generate mind-boggling, shifted procedural levels without composing any code

– Hand creator substance to coordinate into your procedural levels utilizing Unity’s Tilemap apparatuses

– Multiple degrees of irregular possibility in age: hand place things with an opportunity to bring forth between different decisions in wrote rooms

– Generate levels at runtime for new levels on each playthrough, or create at alter time in the proofreader, clean the yield by hand and spare.

– Supports deterministic seeded haphazardness and everyday challenge style play

Generators Included:

– Linked through and through room arrangement for platformers

– Room Sequence with custom beginning and end spaces for top-down games.

– Middle out, spreading associated room arrangement for top-down prison crawlers

– Cellular automata for natural cavern shapes – Randomly put rooms associated by burrows (conventional ASCII roguelike style)

– Random disperse X objects

– Tunneler to associate different past Generators

– Tunneler with stretching burrows