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Strange Engine – 2D Top Down Kit

Download Strange Engine – 2D Top Down Kit FREE Unity. 

Strange Engine is a game KIT which can be used to create a 2D Top Down (crossplatform) game. This Kit is a perfect solution for begginers and artists, since has zero code design


❂ Procedural Level Generation :
Strange Engine have great editor extension “World Maker” to proceduraly generate different maps with multiple ways and lots of parameters. Extension helps you to easely generate complex multi surfaces maps. Also have object spawn system with lot’s of options to fill your maps with different types of objects. Perfectly works with unity Tilemap system.

❂ Player Behaviours :
Fully adjustable Auto Aim with different options. Manual Aim for PC and mobile. Shoot burst/single modes.
Movement behaviour with adjustable PC and Mobile controls and custom virtual joysticks. Players health behaviour with healthbar.

❂ Weapon types :
Machine Gun.
Grenade launcher.
Laser lancher.
Lightning bolt launcher.
Kit includes 30+ weapon prefabs with projectiles and imact effects.
All weapons can used both for player and enemies.
“Weapons maker” editor extension allows you to easely create weapons from scratch or use prefabs, automaticly creates Ammo components and includes new weapon in selection panel.

❂ Enemy Behaviours :
Fully adjustable enemy AI :
You can set up enemy activity in different modes, speed in different ways, avoiding objects parameters.
Ground walking and Flying enemies can be in 4 modes : active, passive, pursuit, fly.
Enemies can handle all included weapons. Automaticly aim target with options.

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