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Straight Sword Animation Set

A set of animations for a straight sword inspired by the Dark Souls/Elden Ring series, for both one handed and two handed locomotion and attacks.

This package is an animation package inspired by the Dark Souls series. It is the same animation set I use in my tutorials, specifically in the straight sword attacks portion of the series.

We are completely open to adding more to this for free! Just let us know what you’d like to see.

If you have ANY problems with the animation pack please e-mail me at

Packages includes but is not limited to…

Main Hand/Dual Wield Locomotion Set

Two Hand Locomotion Set

Off Hand Blocking Locomotion Set

Two Hand Blocking Locomotion Set

Main Hand action set Two Hand Action Set

Dual Wield Action Set Damage Animation Set

Action Sets Include…

Light Attacks

Charged Attacks

Running Attacks

Rolling Attacks

Backstepping Attacks

Jumping Light Attacks

Jumping Heavy Attacks