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Steampunk Devices

3 animated weird steampunk devices.

Asset contains 3 different highly detailed animated devices.
This asset is very reource-heavy and is not recommended for use on mobile platforms and portable consoles.

Main Device
Mesh – 168,6k tris without lights.
– set of 8/4k textures for close-ups (6x 4096x4096px + 12x 8192x8192px).
– set of 2k textures for common usage (18x 2048x2048px).
– movie texture for the core for both sets (512x512px, 360 frames).
Animation – 360 frames loop.

Device 01
Mesh – 25.8k tris without lights.
– 8k textures set (3x 8192x8192px).
Animation – 360 frames loop.