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Steam API – Steamworks Complete

With over a decade of continuous innovation & improvement, Steamworks Complete is a reliable resource for hundreds of games and thousands of developers. Do More with Steamworks Complete!

Why Steamworks Complete?

A decade of continuous innovation and improvement, powering hundreds of games and trusted by thousands of developers.

So much more than “just another Steam API wrapper”, Steamworks Complete offers a comprehensive and robust integration of every Steam API feature. Unlock a toolkit of tried-and-tested solutions and Do More with Heathen’s Steamworks Complete.​

Unlock the Power of the Steam API

Heathen’s Steamworks Complete empowers you to Do More with Valve’s Steamworks API, offering a comprehensive suite of stable, robust, and powerful tools to bring your next game project to life. Our community of developers, our extensive knowledge base, and our engineers are all here to help you Do More!

Explore the “Made with Heathen Steam Curator” collection for incredible games made with Steamworks Complete.

Discover how Steamworks Complete can empower you to Do More by checking out our Knowledge Base!

Layered Design – Created with you in mind

Layers of abstraction simplify the often large and overwhelming prospect of Steam API.​

At the surface, a selection of easy-to-use code-free tools will handle all the most common needs.
If, when and where you need it you can go deeper leveraging our powerful events, data layer and API extensions to Do More.
​Mix and match our tools with ease staying as simple or going as deep as to suit your team, your project, and your needs!

For the Engineer

Battle-tested and developer-proven frameworks, structures, objects, and interfaces. We streamline the utilization of Steam’s most intricate features, taking care of “boilerplate” and common systems to save you valuable time. We equip you with a comprehensive toolbox of top-tier tools and editor extensions, helping you Do More!

For the Designer

Component scripts (Mono Behaviours), Scriptable Objects, Unity Events, Managers, Editor Tools. Our rich integration works with the Unity editor to enhance your workflow. We provide you with powerful tools and components enabling you to Do More!

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