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StarFlite Space Starter Toolkit

Download StarFlite Space Starter Toolkit FREE Unity. 

StarFlite – A Space “Runner” Starter Toolkit, is the starting point for your next great space “runner” game. StarFlite has all the tools you need to create any space runner game you can imagine. With its mission-based design you can easily add new mission types and new starships for players to command. StarFlite also has an easy-to-use in-game dialogue system for adding stories to your missions.

StarFlite WebPlayer Demo

– Full mission-based gameplay mechanics (movement, physics, obstacle spawning, story dialogue, etc.)
– Easy to use manager scripts in C#
– Easily add new mission types, starship types, obstacles, etc.
– Randomized “Area” Manager allows for creation of zone for players to conquer
– Pre-built mission “The Planet Killer” demo scene included
– Player Experience and Rank Systems
– Player Profile with PlayerPrefs Saving/Loading
– Mobile Ready – Tested On Android

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