SRDebugger – Console & Tools On-Device

Download SRDebugger FREE Unity – Console & Tools On-Device 

SRDebugger is a tool to assist you to track down bugs while on the target device.
Introduction to the Unity Console in any build of your game enables you to diagnose difficulties or problems without extending a debug build tethered to the Unity Editor.
The options tab can assist you to twitch parameters moreover request methods, allowing fast iteration of gameplay highlights.
Created from the ground up for performance, SRDebugger can be involved in all builds of your product with a minimal footprint.

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Key Features
– Unity 2017 / 2018 / 2019 ready.
– View the Unity console log at runtime.
– Fast iteration of gameplay parameters with the options tab.
– Identify performance hotspots with the built-in profiler.
– Receive detailed bug reports from users.
– Tweak properties in the options panel, test out new parameters without redeploying to your device.
– Dock the console and profiler to the game-view to debug while playing.
– Pin any option to the game-view to tweak values without opening SRDebugger.
– High performance. The console supports hundreds of messages. With the debug panel closed, monitoring footprint is tiny.
– Implemented in the new Unity UI
– Responsive design supports any resolution or orientation.
– Works in Unity Personal and Unity Professional
– Full C# source code included.
– Control SRDebugger from Playmaker state machines.

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