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Spline Tools for MapMagic & MapMagic 2

This is an extension to MapMagic and MapMagic 2, a node based procedural and infinite map generator for Unity. It enhances MapMagic’s capabilities by adding a set of new generators as well as a graph-based state of the world.

An existing installation of MapMagic or MapMagic 2 is required in order to use this extension!

Be aware that this asset is not related to the MM2 Splines module. Only the free MapMagic 2 core asset is reuiqred.

Attention: MapMagic 2 does not yet officially support third party generators, so every MM2 update may break the integration with this asset. Until this has changed, the MM2 integration should not be considered stable yet.

The generated Worldgraph consists of multiple points of interest (POI) like villages, crossings and the like that are placed by new generators following the given rulesets. Note that this Worldgraph is limited to a predefined area and will not generate to infinity.

All these POI can be connected in multiple ways with lots of configuration options to create roads, trails, rivers, and so on.


### Connections / Roads / Paths

– Scatter POI randomly in the world that meet the specified criteria
– Manually place POI and connect them with the randomly scattered ones
– Connect POI across multiple chunks with lots of configuration options for the pathfinding algorithm
– Create a texture mask following the paths
– Flatten & carve the terrain along the paths
– Scatter new POI around existing POI and connect them to create villages
– Flatten area around POI across chunk borders – Use random or predefined stamps to flatten the terrain around a POI or any object
– Scatter objects along paths (eg. trees, houses in village)
– Create multiple independent graphs
– Use dedicated connections to create valleys or waterways
– Scripting API (graph traversal, waypoints, etc.)
– Basic support for MapMagic 2 Biomes (requires MapMagic 2’s Biomes module)

### Rivers & Lakes (Unstable)