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Spline Mesh Deform

Spline mesh deform is a collection of modifiers to generate procedural mesh for Spline plus.


-Spline Plus:
+ Spline Branching.
+ Compact Spline modeling tools.
+ Node Speed.
+ Node Normal.
+ Node Scale (Taper).
+ Node type : Smooth, Broken, Free.
+ Simple/Complex (Train) followers.
+ Followers smooth Acceleration/Deceleration.
+ Followers smart Keyboard navigation at intersections.
+ Projected path following for simple followers.
+ Advanced Events system.
+ Spline projection into mesh.
+ API to Create splines at runtime.
+ Custom Editor and Use of Unity Reorderable lists.
+ Import/Export spline data (.SP files).
+ Copy/Past spline data between Spline Plus game objects.
+ Full source code included.
+ Detailed Documentation.

– Mesh Deform:
+ Custom meshes combination.
+ Modes: Alignment / Deformation.
+ Procedural mesh generation on all spline branches.
+ Materials sharing.
+ Processing: CPU Single thread – CPU Muli threading – GPU.
+ Translation, rotation, scale with randomization.
+ Node Scale (Taper effect).
+ Node Normal (Bend effect).
+ Mirroring.
+ Mesh trimming.
+ Copy/Past/Duplicate prefab meshes between branches.
+ Export mesh generated as a Unity prefab.
+ API to generate procedural mesh at runtime.

– Extrude:
+ Fully customizable extruded mesh.
+ Correct Uvs, tangents, normals generation.
+ UVs rotation.
+ Extruded mesh generation on all spline branches.
+ Node normal (Bend effect).
+ Node Scale (Taper effect).
+ Export mesh generated as a Unity prefab.

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