Spine2Unity Native Animation

Download Spine2Unity Native Animation Free Unity. 

Require Unity 4.5+ or Unity 5.0+, Unity 2017, Unity 2018, Unity 2019, Unity 2020 (All version Free/Plus/Pro)
Best Spine convert tool for highest runtime performance and continue auto optimize (base on Unity Native Animation system). Full source code inside for easy custom or create automation export tools

– Can work for all Spine version 1,2 & 3.
– Support export to Sprite Renderer.
– Support export to UGUI Animation.
– Support export to NGUI Animation
– Version 4.1: fix bug export on Unity 2018 & 2019

– Calculate and record from export process, NOT require update or recalculate in runtime for highest CPU performance.
– None Script or library requirement in editor or runtime.
– Full create Skeleton, mechanism and Unity native Animation, easy to reusable Skeleton and animation with many characters you have.
– Prefer render by Sprite Renderer, Mesh and Skinned Mesh are also supported. – Image render in scene is most beautiful with pixel perfect and NOT blur texture.
– Auto create Atlas Sprite, easy to scale atlas image with any size you want.
– Easy to change Sprite in any bone of skeleton, it’s also support for dynamic loading from AssetBundle or images for network.
– Very Easy to add plugin object(with itself skeleton,animation, or particle effect) for any bone of objects.
– Not support IK mode yet.
– Animation by skinmesh is not exactly in some case.

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