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Spell Casting Motion Pack

Download Spell Casting Motion Pack FREE Unity

Add spells and sci-fi school practicality to your game!

Requires: Motion Controller

Requires: Mixamo’s free professional Magic Pack

The Spell Casting Motion Pack is the trending and best add-on to the Motion Controller and permits plug-and-play spell casting for your player character and non-player characters. The Spell Casting Motion Pack is far quite simply a group of animations or particle effects. it’s a spell creator and editor, handles movement, targeting, and magic with advanced options like exchangeable particle effects, object creation, and loads of properties for you to play with.

This is the proper pack to use out-of-the-box or to make your own spells because it includes elaborated documentation, well structured and commented code and ootii’s awesome support. you’ve got total management to customise magic and spells for your distinctive game.

As with all my assets, the Spell Casting Motion Pack is implausibly standard. this enables you to not solely produce custom spells, however, you’ll use alternative attribute solutions, camera solutions, particle effects, and inventory solutions.

* A pair of movement designs
* Top best casting designs
* 20+ stock spells
* Custom spell editor
* extensile spell nodes
* Code primarily based Nonproliferation Center AI example
* Basic attribute system
* Basic inventory system
* Basic actor response system
* fast setup
* standard style
* C# code enclosed
* awing support