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SPAM – Spell, Projectile, Ability, Magic Framework

The framework is meant to be highly performant and optimized so you can focus on your game instead of digging through the profiler. The only garbage allowed from the framework is during startup and initialization. This means that as soon as your ability is ready it’s garbage free to cast (spam) again and again and again.

All components turn themselves off/on depending on their internal state so there’s no unnessecary update loops running during gameplay.


Extendable & Pluggable

SPAM is built to be extendable and you can easily add effects that aren’t supplied in the base framework. Derive your custom effect from the effect base class and the framework will automatically pick it up and let you add the effect to your abilities.

Effects are applied by checking for an interface at their target, so you can easily use this framework side-by-side of your existing solution. All you have to do is to make sure the target has a component that implements the given interface the effect is trying to apply and you’re good to go.

Examples of some built-in effects:

Add explosion force
Pull towards
Shatter (procedual shatter behaviour supplied)
Add/Remove condition

Planned features

These features are not yet in the framework but will be added as they’re ready. Let us know if any of these are of special interest to you!

If you’ve purchased the asset these features (and possibly other not mentioned here) will come as a free update:

Channeled abilities (meteor shower, circle of healing…)
Arched projectile movement (grenade)
Resources system: A system that handles ability cost (mana, stamina, health, limbs, ammo…)
Delayed trigger abilities (click to cast in direction or at position, click again to trigger).
Trap abilities.
Advanced area of effect features like multiple smaller strikes in a bigger area like lightning storm or artillery rain.
Effect area and telegraph for a box/line, and advanced use-cases as multiple boxes in different directions.
More built-in ability effects (split projectile, dash)
Improved editors with even more custom-tailored components.

Note that this list is subject to change, and some might incur breaking changes to the frameworks API. If this is the case it will be detailed in the releasenotes and by a major version bump.

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store:

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