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Space Graphics Planet

Enhance your space scenes using this large pack of high detail volumetric planets. These planets are finished using the powerful planet features from Space Graphics Toolkit (not required).

? Full Customization ― Quickly tweak all planet visual settings to achieve the exact visual result you want. Realistic worlds, fantasy worlds, atmosphere height, atmosphere color, sunset color, and much more!

? All Render Pipelines ― This asset supports the standard pipeline, as well as HDRP, and URP. See HERE for more information.

? Dynamic Water Level ― All planets in this pack feature a dynamic water level, allowing you to achieve different looks, or even add new gameplay.

? Volumetric Atmosphere ― Seamlessly travel in and out of the atmosphere from space, and admire the atmospheric scattering of the sunlight. This feature has been highly optimized, and each visual parameter is fully customizable.