Space Combat Kit

Download Space Combat Kit FREE Unity

The Space Combat Kit for Unity is intended to make it simple for you to make anything from a straightforward arcade space shooter to a refined space sim.

With the adaptable Vehicles/Subsystems/Modules system, it’s anything but difficult to make a wide range of boats, weapons, and boat modules, and give your players choices for choosing their boat and weapons loadout in the loadout menu before battling it out with energizing AI rivals.

Just use what you need – with this current pack’s measuring system, all the stuff you don’t require won’t disrupt the general flow. Also, including the things that make your game stand apart is as basic as making new modules.


– Variety of flight controls alternatives.

– Customize and tune controls in the auditor.

– 6 degrees of opportunity spaceflight.

– Boost mode.

– Flexible structure for making control contents for various boats.

– Rewired mix gave.


– Projectile weapons.

– Beam weapons (beat and consistent).

– Homing rockets.

– Bind weapons to triggers and make weapon bunches during play.

– Lead target representation on HUD for numerous weapons.

– Multiple rocket locking ability.

– Aim help/snap.


– Target choice (Next, Previous, Nearest, Front).

– VR-prepared HUD.

– HUD target following boxes.

– Off-screen target following bolts.

– Lead target reticle.

– 3D holographic radar.

– Dashboard target 3D image.

– Customize illustrations and hues for various Teams/Types.

– Efficient with numerous objectives on screen.

Space Combat Kit Wellbeing:

– Variety of wellbeing types (shields, defensive layer and so on).

– Layer colliders (for example shields over defensive layer).

– Multiple damageable parts on a solitary boat.

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