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Space Arcade – Full Game

Full working space game available in the App Store and Windows Store. The package contains every single line of code included in the published version, we didn’t remove any code from the original release. This comprehensive full game asset gives you all you need to get your Space Game ready for deployment based on the rich variety of scripts, textures, models, materials, and game logic provided.

Compatibility and Tested On iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry

Video Trailer

Features Included:
– Spaceship selection system.
– Accelerometer control.
– Keyboard control.
– Built in-store implementation.
– Particle effects on all spaceships.
– Spaceship Auto shoot and single shoot weapon.
– Game Modes (Classic Mode vs Jump Mode) – Damage Live Bar
– Shoot menu control
– GUI based system (play now, options, store, pause, resume, camera modes)
– iOS Game Center Integration
– Multiple Camera Modes. Close up/top-down/Far Distance.
– Volume Controls (Volume Level and On/Off)
– Vibrate On / Off
– Sound Effects (Background, Crash, Explosion, Shooting, AI Sounds, and menu selection sounds).
– Infinite Road Creation
– Complete Store Implementation (Allows buying Spaceships, double score, increase speed, and other assets)
– AI Animations
– AI Robots and Spaceships