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Sounds Good – Easy & Optimized Audio Manager

The easiest and quickest way to implement audio into your game – An optimized and user-friendly system for all skill levels ;D

???? Sounds Good has come to streamline and simplify your work. This audio manager will help you implement sounds, music, playlists, dynamic music and multiple audio channels in your games. It’s designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. You can implement audio with a single line of code, and you can manage your game’s audio comfortably and visually with the help of the editor windows.


What benefits does using Sounds Good offer? ⭐

Ease of Use: It provides a user-friendly and straightforward system for implementing audio in your games, making it accessible for all skill levels.
Performance Optimization: Sounds Good utilizes Object Pooling and compression presets to enhance your game’s performance, ensuring a smooth audio experience.
Efficient Workflow: It streamlines your workflow by eliminating time-consuming and repetitive tasks associated with audio management.
Simplified Sound Integration: You can add sound to your game with just a single line of code, reducing the complexity of audio implementation.
Configurability: It allows you to configure and customize your sounds easily by chaining functions and reusing them as needed.
Multiple Audio Channels: You can create as many audio outputs as required to separate audio into channels, offering flexibility in audio management.
Editor Integration: Sounds Good offers visual editor windows that facilitate the comfortable management of your game’s audio within the editor environment.
If you need help using it, you can read the documentation in English or Spanish. Here, you will find each and every class along with their methods and properties, along with their respective descriptions.