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Souls-like Essential Animations

Souls-like Essential Animations!
Souls-like Essential Animations Pack contains a variety of animations and sequences for your ARPG and more! Featuring an essential set of animations tailor made for three characters from the Fantasy Rivals asset pack.

| Backstab and Parry sequences
Fully animated with stabs and death variations for both player and enemy.
| Full bonfire sequence
Including ignite, sit down and getting back up to idle animations.
| Potion drink animations.
Full and empty potion use animations and Item/Souls use animations etc.

Humanoid compatible!
Although the animations are tailor made for “POLYGON – Modular Fantasy Hero Characters”, all the animation data can retargeted to any other character using the Unity Humanoid rig.

Featured in the popular souls-like tutorial series
In collaboration with the master of souls-like tutorials, Sharp Accent. Learn the steps to implement these tailor made animations with examples from an actual production project, including AI and combat gameplay.