Solar System

Download Solar System FREE Unity. 

Version 4.2 released.

WEB GL Demo – textures resolution lowered to 2048

Two modes available – Detailed and Orbital OverviewOrbital view of the whole solar system. Displays planet name on hover and navigate to it once clicked. Each planet have its own orbit and can be easily set up (radius size, elliptic shape and angle).

Mobile support
– Pinch to zoom
– Rotation on finger movement on every direction

– Increased resolution to 8192×8192 px for most of the planets.
– New realistic atmosphere shader(control amount of atmosphere, color, radius)
– Planets information (Dynamically read from txt files – easy to modify)
– Planets orbiting around the Sun
– Each planet size can be set up individually from the script
– 5 different Planet meshes (Super low, low, medium,high, high poly)
– Day/Night transition for planet Earth
– 4 satellites

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