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Snowboard Game Starter Pack (Template)

Give your snowboard game a head start with this game starter package. The content listed below describes the most important parts, which will help you to create your snowy adventure.
– Universal Render Pipeline with Post Effects
– Snowboard Player Controller
– Snowboard Dynamic Camera Controller
– Extendable Snowboard Trick System
– Snowboard Animations
– Snowboard Mesh Trail Renderer
– Snowboard Character Ragdoll
– Character Selection Screen
– Level Selection Screen
– Visual Quality Settings
– Persistent Database
– PC & Mobile Support

WebGL & Windows & Android Demo | Documentation | Support on Unity Forum
This is an actively developed package feedback and wishes for further development are very welcome. Blender files can be supplied for the tree and the custom character on request.

Download with 2019.4.20f1 to get latest Unity 2019.4. LTS package.
Download with 2020.2.1f1 to get the newest URP visuals and code.