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Snaps Prototype | Warehouse

Download Snaps Prototype | Warehouse FREE Unity. 

Snaps Prototype asset packs are collections of prefabs built to real-world scale with ProBuilder, designed to help game developers design 3D levels quickly by providing collections of themed assets that are modular, built to real-world scale, customizable, and easy to use. Combined with ProGrids, Snaps Prototype assets snap on all three axes making level construction incredibly fast, easy, and precise.

The Snaps ecosystem is ideal for anyone who wants to prototype and build projects quickly.

Try Snaps risk-free for 30 days. If any Snaps asset pack doesn’t work with your project, we will give you your money back. For questions or support, please visit the forums or contact support.

Snaps Prototype | Warehouse includes:
4 warehouse buildings of different exterior design, 1 of which has built out interior

Building B – brick
17 prefabs – walls, frames and pillars, roof, fire escape, water tank

Building C – zinc
14 prefabs – windowed roof, walls, roller gate, gutter pipes