Snaps Prototype | Sci-Fi Military Base

Download Snaps Prototype | Sci-Fi Military Base FREE Unity.

Supercharge your game. The FPS Creator Bundle comes with this high-quality modular sci-fi military base environment asset, a Fireballer weapon, an animated props pack, and a new sound FX + soundtrack kit. Get five assets for the price of one.

Follow this guideline to use this SNAPS asset with the FPS Microgame.

Snaps Prototype | Sci-Fi Military Base includes:

Over 150 structural elements to build the exterior of a sci-fi military base
• Walls and corridors – 32 prefabs
• Roads, stairs and ramps – 7 prefabs
• Pillars – 25 prefabs
• Lift – 20 prefabs
• Lamp – 2 prefabs
• Garage – 17 prefabs
• Floors and roofs – 21 prefabs
• Doors and windows – 14 prefabs
• Other building parts – 19 prefabs
• Props to make level more lively – 24 prefabs

Compatible with:
Unity 2018.4 and above

Works with Snaps Art HD | Sci-fi Military Base
Use Asset Swap tool to switch between packs.

Snaps Prototype asset packs are collections of prefabs built to real-world scale with ProBuilder, designed to help game developers design 3D levels quickly by providing collections of themed assets that are modular, built to real-world scale, customizable, and easy to use. Combined with ProGrids, Snaps Prototype assets snap on all three axes making level construction incredibly fast, easy, and precise.

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