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Snaps Art HD | Car park

Download Snaps Art HD | Car park Free Unity. 

This is an HDRP package. Compatible with Unity Editor 2018.4.

Due to changes in HDRP, this package currently is not supported in 2019.x but we are working on bringing the content to the most recent 2019.x release soon.
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Snaps Art HD | Car Park includes:
A large range of assets including modular exterior, interior and props to build a multi-storey Car Park

Structural elements
• Car park building (52 prefabs), which consists of walls, floors, pillars, ramps, windows and doors, infrastructure rooms, a fire escape and a lift
• Pedestrian bridge with staircase and a lift (9 prefabs)
• Road (5 prefabs)

Variety of props (192 prefabs in total)
• Parking barrier and ticket machine
• Charging stations and various parking signage
• Autopay station and payment booth
• Bollard, traffic cone and wheel clamp
• Fire extinguisher, hose, bell and sprinkler
• Modular pipes, ventilation ducts and cable trays
• Lights in different industrial styles

Works with:
Snaps Prototype | Car Park
Use Asset Swap tool to switch between packs.

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