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SmartPoint – Checkpoint and Spawning System

SmartPoint is an easy to use tool for unity, providing basic checkpoint and spawning functionality. SmartPoint allows you to keep track of your player, while also spawning entities along their path.

Before purchasing, make sure this asset is right for you

This asset is useful if you need to set checkpoints for your player as they move along a prebuilt environment. SmartPoint is NOT recommended if you are looking to store Save and Load data for a procedurally generated world. Though it is possible to use SmartPoint to do so. SmartPoint does NOT have any built in Save and Load functionality, it only stores data about whether a checkpoint has been activated, as well as its position, bounds, direction, etc.. This makes SmartPoint suitable as a quick prototyping or testing tool.

While SmartPoint is designed to be used solely from the inspector, there are a multitude of functions available in both the SpawnController and CheckPointController that allow for further customization. To get the most out of SmartPoint, it is recommended that you have at least some experience programming in Unity C#.

Below is a list of features that SmartPoint provides:

– Customizable collision boxes for each checkpoint

– Different methods of activating checkpoints

– Sequential checkpoint activation

– Looping checkpoint sequences (e.g, a race track)

– Spawning objects at checkpoints

– Customizable spawning areas

– And much more…

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