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Smart Library – Asset Manager

Smart Library boosts your project’s organization by adding the Library window, allowing you to create collections of assets.

Discord: Chat, and get support quickly and submit feature requests.

Forum Thread: Aks question, give feedback, or report bugs.

Manual: Learn the ins and outs of Smart Library.

Roadmap: See upcoming features, and vote for the ones you want to see added most.


Asset Organization: Organize assets of any type (prefab, material, audio, or anything else!) by reference in to multiple collections in the new Library window.
Collections Tree: Collections can form a hierarchy and be reordered and parented to one another for further organization.
Drag & Drop: Drag assets from collections in the library window to anywhere in your project just like the Project Browser.
Rules: Collections have a list of rules which let you define conditions an asset must meet to be allowed in the collection.
Collection Types: There are multiple types of collections to help you sort and organize assets quicker and more efficiently.
Standard Collections: Manually curate the assets in the collect by drag & dropping assets in to the collection in the library window.
Smart Collections: Fully automatic collection that finds assets in the project that match its rules, and removing assets from the collection that no longer do.
Compound Collections: Sources its assets from other collections, and or its subcollections. Works great as a parent to multiple collections.
Extensible API: Use the API to manipulate collections through code and create your own collections and rules to suit your project’s needs.
Undo Support: Complete undo & redo support including creating and deleting collections.