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Slideshow Effects 2D

Dynamic materials for making animation effects on your slideshows and game UI. For Camera, UI, and 3D/2D game object.


Wheel Effects:
Creates a texture slide transitions. Translate one texture A to texture B with a wheel effect .

Add a color changing light on the main texture or camera view.

Halftone Mask
Texture slide transitions with a halftone effect.There are two types of halftone effects, moving a halftone mask and points popup in grids.

Popup and Rotate:
Make a texture zoomed and rotate.

Texture Mask:
Texture slide transitions with a mask texture, use alpha channel or grayscale.

Translate a texture in gridsl.

Triangular Billboard
Analog a shutter or triangular billboard (Trivision).

Bar Swipe:
Erase or swipe texture in bar or lines.