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Sky Master

Download Sky Master FREE Unity. 

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Sky Master is a Dynamic Sky, Weather & Cloud solution for Unity, with support for all Unity versions/platforms and is ideal for both mobile and desktop use.

Sky Master ULTIMATE version is also available. The ULTIMATE version of the pack includes GI PROXY asset for fast real-time Global Illumination without baking, image effect volumetric fog, volumetric lighting & cloud shadows & advanced Particle Dynamic Magic powered effects. Plus a wide collection of ready to use presets for the sky and clouds and Speed Tree integration.

Windows Demos (Use Fantastic quality):
InfiniCLOUD (Vegetation created & optimized with InfiniGRASS v2.0)
Atoll Light Scatter | Airplane
Dark Mood Dynamic Particle Clouds
Fall through clouds

It includes one draw call Volumetric Clouds, sunbeams, a physically-based Sky Rendering system with atmospheric scattering & artistic effects like Halos. The Sky Manager provides automatic or on-demand day/night cycle & smooth weather/seasonal transitions.

The new skybox mode in v1.5 offers complete integration with Unity 5 and all its features (IBL, GI, Skybox).

Advanced particle effects like Tornados, Volumetric Fog/Smoke, Volcanic eruption & lava flow, rain, chain lightning & more are included in both versions.

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