You are currently viewing Sky Master ULTIMATE: Volumetric Skies & Weather

Sky Master ULTIMATE: Volumetric Skies & Weather

The new dynamic lighting system, with branches & glow effect

Moon phases

Latitude / Longitude based Sun Positioning

Sky Master ULTIMATE Snow System
– New snow & mud puddle shader, for meshes and Unity terrain, SM2.0-3.0 support
– Gradual snow coverage & melt away
– Integration with InfiniGRASS asset, Unity & SpeedTree trees-billboards, meshes.

Sky Master ULTIMATE Liquids
– New water drops on camera shader, with refraction & water drop motion
– Screen freeze effect integrated in the shader

Volume Lit particles
– Particle shader that receives light (directional & point/spot light)

Shader Based Cloud Dome for emulation of higher clouds

Sky Master Editor – Configurator – Library
– Global configurator for easy sky-ocean creation & control of Sky Master systems
– Particle scaler
– Library with ready to use sky, water & cloud presets

Volume Weather
– New Volume Weather module that uses the volumetric clouds & fog for realistic weather effects.
– New refractive rain & splashes
– Weather events system

New Airplane – Boat – Atoll demos/mini games

Sky Master ULTIMATE v2.0 Features

– Volumetric fog as image effect, for spectacular atmospheric effects, with precision gradient color control
-Centralized Volumetric fog and sun beams control with preset system, for easy access to various settings.
-Speed Tree integration and seasonal color control of Unity terrain placed trees
-New special effects like chain lightning, Refractive lit rain, ice spreading, flocks
-Custom Prefab Creation scene, with detailed Instructions to help put together a custom prefab
-Volumetric cloud enchancements including TOD control & sprite sheet use for texture variety.
-Volumetric cloud shadows & lightning
-New lightning modes with line rendering, for extra detailed effects
-Integration with Horiz(ON) asset
-New moon rendering controls and presets
-New preset samples for sky rendering, fog and clouds, ready to use directly in game

– NEW(v1.5)-Complete integration with Unity 5 & all its features (IBL, GI, Skybox) with the new skybox mode.
– NEW(v1.5)-Artistic dynamic effects in sky shading (e.g. heat haze shimmering, sepia)
– NEW(v1.5)-New performance oriented shader & asset bundle & more ready to use prefabs.
– NEW(v1.5)-Volumetric scatter fog shading for mesh and Unity terrains
– REAL SKY – Physically based atmospheric scattering, for realistic sky rendering & Artistic special effects.
– REAL CLOUDS – Dynamic cloud formations, affected by season and wind. Volumetric particle clouds & fog.
– REAL SUN RAYS – Dynamic sun beams, with smooth transitions & occlusion system.
– REAL WEATHER – Seasonal control of weather effects, with smooth transitions
– REAL STORM – Heavy storm simulation, with dynamic cloud fronts, lightning & lighting effects
– REAL TORNADO – Dynamic controllable tornadoes
– REAL FREEZE – with Ice system, for ice spreading, propagation and stick to objects.
– REAL VOLCANO -realistic volcanic eruption, smoke & lava flow.
– REAL LIGHTING – Global Illumination Proxy for indirect lighting.
– IBL Proxy for Sky color based lighting.
– Area lights Proxy (with point lights), GI enabled.
– Support for Jove point lights for GI.

The framework is written in C# code and the source code is provided. The GI Proxy asset is bundled in the pack.

Sky Master ULTIMATE v3.0 video playlist
Sky Rendering | Volumetric clouds
Season Cycle | Volumetric Fog
Unity 5 Ocean | Volume particle cloud bed
Sky Master ULTIMATE v2.0 Demo

Mobile APK demo for Android (v3.3)

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