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Sky Master ULTIMATE: Volumetric Skies & Weather

Download Shooter Sky Master ULTIMATE Free Unity. 

Sky Master ULTIMATE is a Dynamic Sky, Weather, Volumetric Cloud – Lighting, Dynamic GI & Ocean solution for Unity.

The system includes industry level optimized Volumetric Clouds, an Ocean system, GI Proxy and optimized SEGI for Global Illumination and a physically based Sky Rendering system with atmospheric scattering.

The Sky Manager provides automatic or on demand day/night cycle & smooth weather transitions.

Sky Master ULTIMATE features (PDF)

Windows Demos (Use Fantastic quality):
InfiniCLOUD (Vegetation created & optimized with InfiniGRASS v2.0)
Atoll Light Scatter
GI Proxy Volume Lighting | Airplane
Dark Mood Dynamic Particle Clouds
Fall through clouds

The skybox mode offers complete integration with Unity and all its features (IBL, GI, Skybox).

Advanced particle effects like global/local Turbulence & Attractors, Particle sticking- propagation-spreading & particle to particle collisions (ideal for ice/fire simulation), Tornadoes, Volumetric Fog/Smoke, volcanic eruption & lava flow, rain, chain lightning & more are also included.

Create spectacular skies, dynamic clouds and weather systems, with time of day and seasonal changes. Use indirect lighting with Global Illumination Proxy system.

The system has been created to deliver realistic Skies & Weather effects, with seasons and dynamic clouds, scalable depending on the hardware target. Sky Master works on all platforms (most modules of v3.2 are mobile ready*, some modules like the volumetric fog are Desktop only. The mobile version of all features will be integrated in the configurator in v3.3 of the asset).

The new in v3.0 Ocean system provides a complete water solution, with shore lines, underwater, multiple wave options and fast speeds.

*For details on mobile platform support for the various Sky Master v3.0 modules and demos for testing on Android, please contact me in the support email or the forum thread.

Sky Master ULTIMATE v3.4 features
– New Gradient and Curve based coloration and parameter adjustment system for easy and powerful sky, cloud and fog control
– Volumetric evolving clouds with light scatter and fogging
– Volumetric lighting system for sun shafts on any sun direction with light scatter
– New water features including embedded fogging in water shader
– Caustics and underwater enhancements
– Enhanced configurator system, with increased usability
– Rainbow system for rainy weather
– Volcano added in Special FX
– New Shuriken option for Volumetric Particle clouds
– Support for Relief Terrain Pack (RTP) asset snow and water-rain on land features
– More options for wind controls on clouds
– New weather event system features, including weather looping
– Support for Infinite terrains with player follow system
– Support for InfiniGRASS v2.0

Sky Master v3.3 features:
– New moon positioning, fading & phases system with accurate lighting from sun, based on latitude/longitude and TOD
– New volume cloud shaders, with atmospheric scattering
– New galaxy system, with dynamic stars
– Eclipses handling
– Complete mobile demo scene
– New river flow shader

New Sky Master v3.2 features:
– New volume cloud shaping feature, for customized cloud formations
– New enchanced GI Proxy demo scene & controls
– Underwater transitions on actual wave height option & controls
– Added first version of mobile water (supports toon texture, reflection, transparency, foam & shore FX, specular, fresnel control, local waves & interaction with player, gerstner waves, optimized performance)
– Added local wave controls

Sky Master ULTIMATE v3.0 Features

Extreme optimization, all systems working together (sky-ocean-volume clouds-shader clouds) may take as little as 4ms CPU usage or less.

Ocean – Water system
– Spectacular & performant bodies of water
– Underwater emulation (fog, caustics, sun beams, transition works from water level)
– Reflection and refraction
– Foam and shore lines
– Presets (e.g. Ocean, River, Lake, Atoll)
– Extremely fast GPU based solution
– Wave height calculation & floating objects
– Point light support
– Local waves & ripples

​Volumetric clouds
– New fade in/out system
– New shader with scatter effect for realism
– New vertical formation option
– Point light interaction for volumetric lightning
– Smooth cloud motion & wind emulation
– Particle rotation stabilization system on Camera roll