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Skills for Game Creator 1

Download Skills for Game Creator 1 Free Unity. 

Skills for Game Creator gives you the ability to add a skill system to your game.

This module requires Game Creator and the Stats module and won’t work without them.


Unlock them, check for a condition, define what it does and how it looks, you have full flexibility.

Skill Trees
Offers two unique methods to work in your game!
Automatic Generation is an easy to use system which can build the skill tree for you! There is less customization but super easy to use If your prefer more customization then you can you use the included manual prefab where you can make it exactly like you want.
Note: There are some limitations on the automatic one, make sure to check the documentation!

Skill Bar
Use the skill bar to quickly add unlocked skills to the skill bar or remove them from there. When using this feature, you can set the key code for the system to listen for this slot and execute the skill that it has assigned.

With this module, you get many actions, conditions and triggers in order to customize how the system reacts to certain events.

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