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Skill & Attack Indicators

Skill & Attack Indicators offers an out-of-the-box solution for any skill and attack indicators you want to visualize. Fully configurable textures, radius, and colors. Comes with support for ‘fill amount’ and 4 types of indicators.

Curious? Try the demo!

? WebGL demo


Line: Configure a directional indicator with a configurable length.
Arc: Configurable arc-based indicator. Fully configurable size and arc radius
Circle: Configurable circle-based indicator.
Scatter: Configurable multi-line combination indicator. Configure the number of lines, length, and offset between each line.
Supports both 2D and 3D projects and game solutions.
Includes 21 different textures to play around with. It is possible to change all of the textures with your own version suiting your project.
Projector: A projector example is included which supports visualization on ALL surfaces (terrain, uneven, flat).
Pipelines: Built-in, SRP, and URP pipelines are all completely supported.
Progress: Set the ‘progress’ of an indicator which allows you to gradually fill up the indicator with a color, comparable to the fill amount seen in Unity’s standard components. Change the origin of the fill amount to Left, Right, Bottom, Top or from the Center.
Two complete demo scene showcasing how to implement and use the asset.
The possibilities are endless! Want to make an RPG, MMO, Tower Defence, Roguelike, or something else? Everything is possible.
Tested and optimized for mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and web (WebGL).

Known limitations:

* Uneven terrain supports built-in render, URP and SRP render pipeline. The HDRP render pipeline is not supported. The standard flat-ground solution can still be used on ALL pipelines.

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