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Simpligon Universe – Low Poly Assets

Simpligon Universe – An massive low poly asset pack to build your dream low poly stylized games and even worlds like in scene promo.


Over 1825+ unique assets with multiple color variations.
Includes a Massive detailed demo scene.
Rigged characters.
Prefabs with colliders.
Buildings with enterable interiors.
Vehicles with openable doors and trunks.
Multiple modes transport(air, water, land, subway train).
Easy to use, well organized.
URP and HDRP support(exterior scene promo images and videos rendered in HDRP).



Boss female and male, Jacket male and female, Casual female x3 and male x3, Courier boy, Doctor male and female, Farmer male and female, Firefighter male, Gym female and male, Labour female and male, Old female and male, Pilot, Police female and male, Prisoner female and male, Professional female x2 and male x2, Student female and male, Security, Shop Assistant female x2 and male x2, Swimwear female and male. Attachements x41, Hair x22, Beard x6, Glasses x5, Hat x5, Earring x2, Mask.


Air – Passenger Aircraft, Cargo Aircraft, Light Aircraft, Float Plane, Helicopter.
Land – Sportsbike, Muscle cars, Pickup Trucks, Sedans, EV, Sports, SUV, Hutchback, Van, News, Courier Van, Motorhome, Passenger Bus, School Bus, Prisoner Bus, Police car, Taxi, Ambulance, Fire Engine, Garbage Truck, Tanker, Cargo truck Small, Heavy Trucks and its attachement(Container, Tanker, Flatbed), Cycle, Electric Scooter, Gokart, Forklift, Tricycle, Skateboard, etc.
Airport Support Vehicles – Baggage Loader, Boarding Stairs, Deck Loader, Catering Truck, Groung Power Unit, Passenger car, Pushback, Tow tractor and trailers x3, etc.
Farm Vehicles and Attachements – Tractor, Harvester, Truck, Baler, Front End Loader, Planter, Plough, Sprayer, Trailer.
Water – Cargo Ship, Tugboat, Fishing Boat, Yacht, Cabin Cruiser, Inflatable Boat.

Subway Train System

Trains, Subway Entrance x2, Modular Staion System(Walls, Stairs, Pillars, Platform, Roof, etc), Props(Ticket Barriers, Map, Ticket, Signs), Modular Train Track System(Underground(tunnel), Onground, Aboveground(Bridge))


Apartments, Beach Shop, Beach Lifeguard Tower, Car Park Building, Car Wash, Church, Cinema, City Hall/Capital Bldg, EV Charging Station and Convenience Store, Firehouse,Gazebo, Generic, Warehouse, Harbour Crane(Big, Small), Small Shops, Big Shops, Commercials, High Rises, Skyscrapers, Motel, Motel Entrance, Diner, Workshop, Shopping Mall, Showroom, Airport Terminal, Hanger, Cargo, Jetway Bridge, Tower, Gas Station, Mobile Homes, Industrial buildings, Suburban Houses, Garage, Gazebo, Farm Houses, Barns , Green Houses , Sheds , Stalls , Flour Mill, Outhouse, Shelters , etc


Including Modular Road System, Modular Sidewalk System(City, Suburban), Flyovers, Bridges, Modular Country Roads, Modular Dirt roads,Modular Canal System, Modular Seawall System, Airport Apron, Airport Runway
Cliffs, Clouds, Mountains, Mountain Tunnel Road System, Plants, Bushes, Desert Plants, Flowers, Grasses, Leaves, Lilypad, Mushrooms, Reeds, Roots, Ponds, Rocks, Rubble, Water, Trees, Dead trees, Grounds, Farm Fields, Fruits, Vegetables, Vegetable Plants, Fruit Trees(Young, Mature), Crate with fruits,vegetables, etc.


Including interiors for Auto Repair Shop, Butcher, Cloths, Electronics, Guns, Gym, Airport, Restaurant(Chairs, Tables, Booth seat, Kitchen, Coffee machine, Ice Cream machine, Soda machine, Menu boards, Self order Kiosk, Items, etc)
Including interiors for Bank, Factory, Hospital, Office, School, Warehouse, Plant Pots, Convenience Store, Supermarket, Bakery, Food Displays, Freezers, Refrigerators, Fruits/Vegitables Displays
Food items(Breads, Burgers, Cakes, Cookies, Donuts, Croissant, Drinks cup, French Fries, Fried Chickens, Hot Dog, Meat, Pizzas, Taco, etc), Wine Bottles, Drink Bottles and Cans
Supermarket Products, Convenience Store Shelves(Large, Small), Trolly, Basket, Food packs, etc
Cash, Cash Registers, Card machine, Receipt Printer, Checkout Counter, Counter tables, Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, Dustbins, Fire Extinguisher, Walls, Doors, etc.
Interiors for Houses including Hall, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, etc.

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