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Simple Traffic System

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Simple Traffic System allows for quick creation of waypoint based routes that can be interconnected in a modular way to create traffic routes on roads in your scenes. The primary logic is highly optimized using the new C# Job System and Burst Compiler for multi-threading.

AI traffic logic is handled by a single AI Traffic Controller that AI Traffic Cars register to. This is a data oriented logic structure and allows the AI logic to run in parallel jobs spread across all available cores to reduce cpu usage on the main thread.

90 minutes of clear and concise tutorial videos are available to help teach proper workflow and demonstrate available features.

? WebGL Demo
? PC Demo
? Discussion Forum
? User Manual

? Key Features

– No DLLs: Full source provided!

– Modular: create, connect, and edit waypoint routes for AI cars to follow.

– Waypoint Based: each waypoint can set speed limit, call stop driving, be a junction to new route point(s), or trigger custom events via Unity inspector.

– Traffic Lights: control when AI cars can exit waypoint routes.

– Yield Triggers: control when AI cars can proceed to next waypoint at intersections with traffic lights.

– Traffic Stops: control when AI cars can exit waypoint routes.

– Pooling System: disables cars far away from the player, and spawn cars around the player; allows scaling up scene size without using more cars.

– Unity Physics Components: AI cars use Rigidbody and Wheel Colliders.

– Vehicle Types: define which cars can spawn/merge onto which routes.

– Volume Sensors: more accurate detection compared to raycasts; uses layer mask to determine which objects should be detected.

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