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Simple Town Cartoon Assets

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Simple city – Cartoon assets

A simple and most trending quality asset pack of vehicles, buildings and some cool uniquely crafted props to make an urban town primarily based game.

Modular sections are straightforward to piece along in a very form of mixtures.
Includes demo scene.

Simple Town Cartoon Assets Buildings
Strip club, cafe, Barber search, Gym, machine repair, Cinema, Mega Mall (includes carpark and mall sign), Misc store(x3), Misc shop(x2), little House(x4), Medium House(x4), Big House (x4) Garage attachment (x3) previous house (x3)

Environment assets
Trees (x2) Beach flat (x2), Beach corner, waterway(x7), Road lane splitters (x2), Bridge, Roundabout, main road ramp, main road straight, main road Corner, main road signs (x3) Tire pile, Beach seat(x3), Umbrella (x3), Garden, Pointy fence, Driveway, Footbridge, Jetty, Sewer pipes (x2), Rocks (x3) Buey(x2)