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Simple Physics Toolkit – Magnet, Water, Wind – VR Ready

Download Simple Physics Toolkit – Magnet, Water, Wind – VR Ready FREE Unity. 

Some simple physics manipulation scripts:

Simply drag these scripts onto a game object with a collider component attached and watch it do the rest.

This asset was developed to assist you with basic physics manipulation and includes Magnets, Wind, Rope, Buoyancy, Thrust Engines, Particle Manipulation, Zero-Gravity, Projectiles, Killzone, and Bounce Plates.

New 2020 – 2D Script modules for Wind, Water, Magnets and Explosive have been added to the package!

We have just finished the new buoyancy system which replaces the original water physics tool. In addition, we have added simple rope physics as well!

Note: All scripts have been tested in VR (Virtual Reality) scenes, by ourselves and some users of the asset, we are therefore happy to say that this asset is now VR Ready!

Current Modules:
– Magnet (Attract/Repulse Rigidbodies)
– Buoyancy (A new and improved fluid based physics tool)
– Rope Physics (A simple rope physics tool allowing you to connect objects in chains)
– Explosion (Simple Physics Based Explosions)
– Thruster Engine – Allows you to create propulsion systems and hover effects in their most basic form
– Projectile Spawn (Shoot items in a direction)
– Wind (Push Rigidbodies in a specified direction)
– Bounce Plate (Bounce Rigidbodies Upwards)
– Zero Gravity (Disable gravity when Rigidbodies enter zone)
– Destroy Objects (Killzone – Destroy objects when this region is hit) New (2017)
– Interactable Item – Simply acts as a filter (Dummy Script)
– Water (Deprecated: Replaced by Buoyancy)

Setup Notes:

Required Components: None
– Drag Script on to any Game Object
– Adjust Inner and Outer Radius to preference
– Select either attract or repulse mode
– Adjust Magnet Force
– Enable realism mode to allow the system to attempt to obey Newton’s 2nd Law
– Enjoy the magnetic beauty

Note: Magnets can also be used to attract particles!

Required Components: Collider
– Drag Script on to any Game Object which has a collider present
– Setup options to your preference
– Place Rigidbodies above or within the water (adjust mass)
– Enjoy the simple buoyancy

Required Components: Connected Body & Anchor
– Drag Script on to your anchor
– Setup options to your preference
– Attach a rigidbody as the connected body (Chain as needed)
– Adjust the rope gradient to your preference!
– Enjoy the simple ropes!

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