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URP & LWRP Mirror Shaders

Download URP & LWRP Mirror Shaders FREE Unity. 

VR for mirror shaders is here. Based on Lit shader, so supports everything that it supports (lightmaps, shadows, texture, bump, emission, etc. everything is supported)

Oculus Rift, Rift-S and Quest are tested (Mirror in the mirror – recursive, does not work on VR yet!).
OpenVR and Vive are not supported yet!
Works for the orthographic camera too (depth-cutoff is not supported for ortho right now)!
Please see the forum HERE

You can create:
Full mirrors,
Reflective floors, walls,
Snowy (iced) roads,
Simple water simulations,
Refracted surfaces,
Blurred surfaces,
Rain (ripple) animations on masked or non-masked surfaces,
Alpha masked reflections,
Reflective glasses,
Full transparent reflections,
Depth based reflections and blur
Wave simulations (with mask) and much more…