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Simple Facebook Sign-In

Simple Facebook Sign-In provides Facebook sign-in with OAuth 2.0 for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and WebGL apps made with Unity.

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● Cross-platform user auth for cross-platform games and apps
● No plugins, not 3rd party libs, no dependencies
● No impact to build size
● More security for client-server apps (get access token on a client, get all user data on a server to avoid tampering)
● JSON Web Tokens (JWT) validation

Setup steps:
Please visit our GitHub for setup instructions.

General workflow:
● Your app navigates users to Facebook using a default web browser
● Users perform sign-in to their Facebook account
● Facebook redirects users to Authorization Middleware and provides an auth code in URI parameters
● Authorization Middleware activates your app using deep linking (when possible)
● The app is activated and obtains the authorization code
● The app exchanges the code for an access token
● The app requests user data with the access token (ID, name, email and other data according access scope defined)