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Silantro Helicopter Simulator Toolkit

Silantro Helicopter System is a toolkit that allows you to set up, model and simulate any Rotary wing aircraft (Helicopter, Quadcopter, Hexacopter and other rotor-powered VTOL systems)

Silantro Helicopter System provides AAA flight simulation physics for “Rotary” wing aircrafts such as helicopters and propeller drones with full Blade element momentum theory analysis.

It can be used to model and simulate any Rotary wing aircraft, from turbine-powered helicopters to piston-powered helicopter or propeller powered drones.

The system also has support for simpler arcade-style models, these can be configured to use either keyboard inputs or a combined keyboard-mouse input: Sample

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[Key Features]

* Compatible with Unity 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020

* Compatible with Android and IOS devices

* Full C# source code.

* Detailed Aerodynamic System: Lift, Torque, Directional forces and control moments generated by the rotor blades are calculated based on standard aerodynamic principles and formulas and supplied variables. Airfoil data for the rotor can be imported directly from javafoil in both txt or afl file format

* Realistic Flight Controls: All the major helicopter configurations with their individual unique controls and systems can be modelled with the system.

* Tandem Rotor System

* Conventional Rotor System

* Coaxial Rotor System

* Syncrocopter Rotor System

* Realistic Engines: Different engines are available to power the helicopters; Piston, Turboshaft and Electric engines with realistic performance dependencies such as air density, forward speed, environmental temperature and aircraft altitude.

• Full VR support: -AS-350 Flight Test

* Support for Logitech, Thrustmaster and other Joysticks compatible with Unity.

* Cockpit Instruments: Full array of instruments e.g Joystick, Yokes, Analogue Dials and Digital Displays are all available.