Shooter Motion Pack

Download Shooter Motion Pack Free Unity. 

Requires: Motion Controller v2.68+

Requires: Mixamo’s free Pro Rifle Pack

The Shooter Pack is an add-on to the Motion Controller and enables plug-and-play shooting of guns for your player character and non-player characters.

This pack is way more than just a set of animations; it handles movementtargetingreloading, and more. Advanced features like gun customizations and the basic cover system can be used with both rifles and pistols. Of course, there’s a ton of properties for you to play with. You have total control to customize your guns, bullet holes, muzzle effects, and more.

This is the perfect pack to use out-of-the-box or customize as needed. As always, this asset includes well structured and commented code and option’s awesome support.

* Supports rifles and pistols
* 2 guns prefabs (M4 and Glock)
* 5 gun components
* grenades
* Physics-based bullet impact
* Integration with ootii’s damage system
* Customizable bullet impact effects
* Customizable muzzle flash effects
* Basic cover system
* Basic attribute system
* Basic inventory system
* Basic actor response system
* Quick setup
* Modular design
* C# code included
* Awesome support

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store:

Now download Shooter Motion Pack Free Unity

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