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Shooter Game User Interface Starter

Discover the new Shooter Game User Interface Kit for your next Shooter Game Project.
All Screens are pre-made with Unity UI and Text Mesh Pro.
Note: All Screens are laid out in Unity UI but are mostly non-functional. You must code the functions yourself.

What is included?

• 9 Full laid out Screens in Unity UI. (Loadout, Options, Gamemode, Lobby, Social, Equipment Detail, Login, Settings & much more)
• Several Prefabs to drag and drop into Unity UI.
• Free Fonts
• Free UI Sounds (Click & Hover)
• Support for Full HD and HD resolution
• Ready to use Screens (9 Screens)
• Logic naming and folder structure.

• Responsive Design for 16:9 Formats up to 4:3.

Why should I buy this Asset?