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Shmup Baby

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Shmup Baby is a Shoot ‘Em Up game genre game template allows you to built Shoot Shoot ‘Em Up game genre game with some clicks.

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-Horizontal & vertical scrolling shooter.
-Finite level progression & infinite survival shooter modes.
-Well documented and commented standard code.
-Advanced background layering system.
Shmup Baby Mobile & desktop support.
-Audio system.
-5 Original soundtracks and SFX
-Main menu & player choose the menu.
-Ads integration
-Animated second effects.
-Organized and random enemy waves.
-Directional, tilt, curve, patrol and AI enemy mover sorts.
-Enemy mines system.
-Path, radial and missile weapon systems with multiple modifiers.
-Player upgrades and pickups.
-2D sprites modification supported movement direction.
-All demos you see within the trailer are enclosed in the pack.

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    File deleted, not found

    1. Unityassets4free

      File-upload server ( third party server ) was down for so long and also they lost all the backup, this is why we are updating all our links. Have patience mate!

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