Shirley: Anime-Style Character For Games And VRChat

Download Shirley: Anime-Style Character For Games And VRChat Free Unity. 

Anime-Style Character for Games, VR, VRChat & Virtual You-tubing. Fully Rigged and setup as Humanoid with several Blendshapes for Facial Expressions.
Note: • Scythe is provided separately. You can use them by placing them in the hands of the character as you like. You can also activate or deactivate it as needed.
• The wings and the head ring are separate and can be turned on/off as required.
• Also, there are two hair textures, black and white. You can replace the hair and hair back material from black to white or vice-versa to change hair.

Character: Shirley

Sex: Female

Rig: Humanoid

Polygons: 61.9K

Vertices: 34.9K

Texture Resolution: 1K-2K Textures & 8K Texture Atlas

Texture Maps: Diffuse & Normal(For Some Textures)

Shader: Custom Shader (Cutout with Cull Off)

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