Shadero Sprite – 2D Shader Editor

Download Shadero Sprite – 2D Shader Editor FREE Unity. 

Shadero Sprite is a real-time node-based shader tool for Unity 5, 2017 and 2018

Shadero Sprite is a real time node-based shader editor. Shadero was made to be a real production time saver. Beautiful and fast, it creates many astonishing effects with the several premade and fully optimized node effects. Shadero will increase the number of the premade effects in every update. No code required.

– Ultimate tools for 2D Shader Editor
– Node based editor
– Real time preview
– Source code included
– Load/Save project
– Optimised shader
– Fog Support
– HDR Support
– Visual selection node preview
– Light Support
– Blend Mode support
– Normalmap with light Support
– Preview directly the scene
– Works with Unity UI
– Many premade effects (+100)
– Help Tutorial in editor
– Project examples
– Unity 5 and 2017 and 2018 compatible
– Support Anima 2D
– Support Render Texture
– Support Mesh Renderer
– Generate a Sprite
– Create Morphing
– And much much more !

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