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ShaderGraph Essentials

Download ShaderGraph Essentials FREE Unity.

New: now support 2021.1!

ShaderGraph Essentials – All-in-one performant noise node, new master nodes, and features to push your shaders to a whole new level!

ShaderGraph Essentials adds unique must-have features to ShaderGraph:
– 30+ noises node
– generate a texture from any node in the graph (in the editor)
– 3 additional master nodes (Unlit, SimpleLit, Toon) with more parameters
– custom lighting node so you can code your own lighting using HLSL
– water shader with vertex displacement (CPU / GPU) and dynamic foam

ShaderGraph Essential is a unique bundle of nodes to complete what’s already existing in ShaderGraph. Features include 2D/3D Perlin noise, Simplex, Value, fractal/turbulence/ridge variances, periodic/non-periodic variances, the ability to bake textures from any node in your graph, AND a Simple Lit master node. Yes, the equivalent of the “SimpleLit” shader in LWRP! Oh, did I mention there’s also a toon lighting node? And that you can implement your own lighting function to work in ShaderGraph?
It now also contains an extensible water shader featuring vertex displacement (CPU or GPU, your choice!) and dynamic depth-based foam. And it’s 100% made in ShaderGraph, so if you can tweak it to suits your needs!
Include full source code, included demo scenes with various effects (procedural wood, procedural normals, lava, explosion, light beam, dissolve …).

Value and performance
You could spend hours working on the noises that are missing in ShaderGraph (Perlin, anyone ?). Or you can get ShaderGraph Essentials and have 30+ noise variations, easy to use through a single node, and already optimized to be as fast as possible! The ability to bake noises you’ve created will help you optimize your game, as well as using the SimpleLit master node instead of the PBR one. ShaderGraph Essentials nodes have been tested on mobile, VR on PC, low-end and high-end PC.
It’s a must-have if you plan to use ShaderGraph or are already using it.

Noise node
A one-in-all noise node, with a powerful UI that lets you iterates quickly in ShaderGraph.
Features Simple value noise, Simplex, Perlin2D, and Perlin3D.
In addition, every noise can be tillable (periodic) or not; and you can enable Fractal, Turbulence or Ridge combination in one click!