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Shader Weaver v1.6.0
New! Support Unity 2019.3
New! New ripple effect example
New! The editor can be opened from the material inspector
UI adjustments for Unity 2019
Fixed a string parsing error in Unity 2019
Fixed a Code Node error when removing child node

Previous Updates
Support Unity 2019
Dynamic border example
Right-click context menu
Support Unity 2018
Blend Mode: Off
Compatible with NGUI. Add a new ShaderType ‘UI2D Sprite(NGUI)’
Normal map support
25 new Blend Operators
Code Node
Dummy Node
Coord Node
Resolution setting for Mask/Remap
Tutorials for new nodes
4 examples of code node

Previous Improvements
• Mask Node improvement
• Remap Node improvement
• Remade Mixer Node
• Editor window optimization
• Smooth preview on mouseover
• Colour and Custom Params can be changed immediately without updating
• More hotkeys
• UI layout tweak
• Unify line ending for win/mac
• Support render type option
• Support shader name editing
• Bug fixes

Shader Weaver is a node-based shader creation tool specializing in 2d/Sprite/UI effects, giving you the artistic freedom to enhance Sprites/UI in a visual and intuitive way. Support Unity 5/2017/2018/2019.

Distinctive nodes and workflow make it easy to create impressive 2d effects and save huge time.

Use handles/gizmos to make effects rather than input tedious numbers. Draw masks and create remap textures with convenient tools inside Shader Weaver. A graphics tablet is supported.

•Growing Samples
A pack of sample effects including shaders and textures to study and use freely. All effects in trailers/tutorials are in the package.

•Intuitive interface
Clean and intuitive user interface.

•Mask Texture Creation
Draw masks to divide areas for individual sub-effects.

•UV Distortion
A visual way to distort UV coordinates.

•UV Remapping
A unique way to make a path along with effects and object surrounding effects.

•Simple Operation
Use handles/gizmos like what you use to do.