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Push your game’s graphical quality to the limit with Shader Sandwich!

Shader Sandwich is a layer-based shader editor for Unity that allows you to create in an intuitive yet powerful environment, designed for artists rather than programmers.

It comes with example shaders and detailed documentation including a quick reference and in-depth beginner tutorials. Not that you’d need them, however, as Shader Sandwich is designed to let you explore and fiddle as much as possible, in an iterative flow.

A few features (There’s too many to list!):
– Clean and streamlined interface similar to an image editor (Layers, blending modes etc).
– Choose from a multitude of layer types, such as textures, cubemaps, gradients, real-time noise (of many kinds), vertex colors and tons more.
– Add effects that – for example – let you blur, hue-shift, convert height-maps to normal-maps and many other cool things!
– Layer different lighting ingredients like Diffuse or Sub Surface Scattering with ease to create either normal shaders – like Unity’s PBR shader – or custom ones like cartoon, skin, or water shaders.
– Use and mix complex systems like Parallax Occlusion mapping and Tessellation easily, without having to worry about anything breaking.
– Use transparency with the option to z-write in a variety of ways, allowing transparent objects to appear correct in image effects and not overlap as often.
– Create inputs that let almost any setting be editable in the material inspector; link multiple settings to the same input, animate them and do a variety of other things to make your shader incredibly dynamic.
– Check out real-time 2D previews in the editor with no re-compile time, and another 3D previewer to get a more accurate look at your shader.

Shader Sandwich comes with:
– The editor itself (Source code included!)
– Some example textures (Ash, Lava, Cracked Ash, Bricks, Grass)
– Several example shaders (Diffuse, Rim light, Hologram, Greenscreen, Tessellated and Shell Based Fur, Lava Cracks, Mobile Wax, Realtime SSS, Fur, Water, Burn, Parallax Occlusion Mapped)
– Online and some offline documentation (That’ll be updated continuously)
– Free shaders that I’ll release periodically from the website.

Shader Sandwich has been built from the ground up with the artist in mind, for creating and shaping the look of a game. Be it for a more realistic pavement, or for a stylized cartoon world, Shader Sandwich can help make it happen.

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Now download Shader Sandwich FREE Unity

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