Shader-Independent Glow

Download Shader-Independent Glow FREE Unity

It provides a straightforward thanks to adding per-object glow(bloom) to your project while not victimisation third-party shaders.

This comes in handy once you already use shaders with extra practicality and you wish to feature glow on prime of that.

– Glow maps support.
– many choices for fine-tuning glow look.
– Per-object and per-material glow choices.
– nonmandatory negative(subtractive) glow
– Works on forward and postponed rendering pipelines, perspective and orthogonal cameras, gamma and linear colorspaces.
– VR support (deferred rendering only)
– utterly shader-independent (glow is enabled by separate elements, while not touching your materials).

Note that this product was created chiefly with desktops in mind. it’ll work on mobile platforms, however extra draw calls and blit calls it incurs means you’ll be restricted in quantity of glowing objects because of performance issues.

Showcase screenshots were taken victimisation third party setting models that aren’t enclosed within the package. Package contains separate demo-scene with straightforward assets.

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Now download Shader-Independent Glow FREE Unity.

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